My name is Rosa D'Agostino and Firulì Firulà is the artisan brand of clothing for kids aged 0 to 6, I created.

Firulì Firulà is based in Milan and the production is entirely made in Italy.

Garments are proposed in small collections; a part of them is released as unique edition. Each piece is an handmade creation, coming from finest fabrics and materials carefully selected.

Firulì Firulà style is appreciated for its exquisite minimal-chic design with an intemporel imprinting.

With my work, I promote a true infant apparel. Because I strongly believe kids need no more than a silent style, as their own beauty could bright and spread all around them.

I really hope you enjoy Firulì Firulà creations as I proudly do.

Firulì Firulà is a registered trademark.

Rosa D"Agostino - the whistling crab